IT Training and Consultancy



Whether you are looking to expand your business or make it more competitive. Whether you want to save money or manage prospects more efficiently. At MaximITy we believe in providing truly independent advice that gives you the edge in business through a wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over many years of successfully delivering solid results to clients.

Improving Efficiency

If you’re looking to tighten your belt, one proven way to achieve this is to ensure that your people don’t unconsciously squander time they often can’t afford by doing their work inefficiently.

Cost Saving

In order to maintain a healthy company it’s important to keep overheads at a minimum without sacrificing customer service. How can you make sure you are spending wisely?

Choosing IT Systems

If you’re faced with the unenviable prospect of sourcing a new or replacement IT system you may be worried by the statistic that 60% – 80% of all IT projects fail. How can you safeguard your project?

CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+

Certification allows holders to show just how good they are; that they are amongst the best in the business. As a result, ICT Suppliers stand out from their competitors to become the obvious choice for customers.

Data Analysis

Whether quantitative or qualitative, we can assist with information gathering formats for data capture, analyse it and produce concise and meaningful summaries, reports and charts to give you instant and up to date information to help you run your business.

Project Management

Independent project management is paramount in achieving a successful implementation. Used in conjunction with PRINCE2 methodology applied in an appropriate manner, MaximITy works with people who really want their projects to succeed.