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Digital transformation

Digital transformation sounds very grand but essentially is the term applied to making sure you’re able to use the most appropriate technologies to help run your business, and that those technologies are set up correctly, people understand how to use them properly, and that they’re integrated as far as possible to reduce time wasting and duplication errors. Whether you’re working on your strategic plan, or want to address a specific issue within your business, it’s worth a chat with us to see if we can help.

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The main components of digital transformation are:-


To evaluate how well all your systems support your business needs and goals, whether manual or computerised.

Data analysis

To determine how well your business is performing in line with your KPI’s and key measures of success.

PowerApps, PowerAutomate and Sharepoint Solutions

These solutions bridge the gaps in digital systems where a standard solution either doesn’t exist or is not suitable. These are different to APIs in that they have functionality that enhances processing of data rather than just passing data from one system to another.

Project Management

To ensure systems implementations are run efficiently, are kept on track, and deliver their intended results. Many projects fail because of unrealistic expectations and a lack of project accountability.

Change Management

To implement and embed new habits and practices across departments, companies, suppliers and customers because change takes time and effort.

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