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Change Management

The real work starts when a project ‘goes live’…

Change management often follows project management.

Once a project has ‘gone live’ many suppliers and contractors tend to walk away thinking their job is done, and the customer thinks everything will magically work because the project team has been working on the configuration of it, and staff have had their training.

But, just because someone has had training doesn’t mean they understand a system.  There’s often a nervousness about using new system, plus a resistance to change. At Maximity, we address this (and more) with our change management programmes.

Years of experience has taught us that it’s only once a new system is in place that people really start to understand it.  It’s when they suddenly have to use the new system to process a refund, or deal with a part delivery, or look for a stock record that should have been transferred and somehow wasn’t.  This is when the real work begins.

How accompany manages this is make or break for the credibility of the system, as well as the people who were involved with its implementation. And that’s where we can help.

How we’ve helped

 All our clients who’ve implemented new systems, whether that be Sage, an industry specific application or a bespoke PowerApps solution can utilise our change management services post implementation.

We’ve also been called in to specifically provide change management, where a company needed our help after its solutions supplier disappeared once the project went live.

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