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We specialise in providing consultancy – impartial business advice to help you meet our business goals and objectives through the effective use of technology. From the design of your systems strategy and covering everything from how you manage your prospecting and lead generation, through providing products and services, to your finance and accounting needs to reporting and KPI performance. 

We’ll look at your manual systems as well as your digital systems and discuss what you want to achieve so that you get advice very specific to your business objectives. 

Not everyone will be able to, or want to, have a complete review across their entire business, so we can help with individual departments or systems too. 

All our staff are experienced business people who have worked with large corporates as well and SME’s and micro businesses. Our aim is for you to achieve successful business change.  Over the years we’ve also taken part in various government funded programmes to help businesses transition into tech, from consulting to helping clients choose appropriate systems to training to help write a standard for the IT industry. 

To give you an idea of the sort of projects and industries we’ve worked with, we’ve helped one client in the leisure industry choose and implement firstly Sage and their EPOS solution, then when they outgrew Sage, we helped them choose and implement a replacement solution called FuseMetrix. 

We’ve helped an electrical contracting company transition from Pegasus onto Sage Accounts and Payroll and wrote a solution to capture their timesheets electronically to send to their staff agencies to pay people, and also to import into Sage to produce weekly job profit reports. 

We’ve worked with construction and engineering companies to design and implement job and staff tracking solutions.

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