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Sometime clients come to us to understand more about how their business is performing. They know they make money, but not always where. Our job is to help design and implement data analysis solutions that help you understand all the data you have, and turn it into information that tells a story. Which industries and businesses make you the most money, which make the least. What does your stock profile look like; who’s most productive at service provision. How much old stock are you holding and what’s that costing you. What are your fixed and variable overheads. What profit do you make per employee? How do you measure customer and staff satisfaction?

All these are areas where we can help you make sense of the proliferation of data that sits in most businesses. We can train you to do the data analysis yourself, or we can do it for you. Sometimes people understand what data is and how to classify it, some don’t. With backgrounds in system design and programming, we have a wealth of experience to help you turn your data into useful, actionable information.


We’ve worked with a client who needed to run field trials for a new retail product. Over a number of months we worked to help build data profiling tools in Excel to show the performance of their product vs others.

We’ve worked with multiple market research companies to both teach Excel and help set up research spreadsheets to analyse research work using pivot tables, tables, at times with some very complex formulae, and charts. And then help lay out the research results in presentations and documents.

We also work with a number of clients with Sage Accounts who have needed data profiling work done to explore true product and service margins, sales commissions and customer performance for which we’ve used Sage’s Excel Integrated Reporting features to automate reporting.

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