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It can be difficult sometimes to find one fully integrated solution for an entire business covering all its different functions. Sometimes you might have a system in place you really like, have invested a lot of money in and don’t want to ditch because it works well. In situations like this, Microsoft PowerApps is a development tool that we use to write solutions to real world business problems helping digitise and automate those irritating little processes and tidy up information that can end up all over the place. 

We work with clients to fill the gaps in their processes, whether it’s collecting data from staff who are working in the field, or capturing information from internal business processes, PowerApps is a simple and cost effective way of bridging those gaps in automation.  When used with Sharepoint and PowerAutomate, there is seamless, secure access to data with some nice functionality to tap into different applications including email, images, approvals and teams to name a few. 


We’ve designed, written and implemented a job management solution using PowerApps, PowerAutomate and Sharepoint for a wholesale jewellery manufacturer.

We’ve worked with a building contractor to design timesheets that can be completed in the field, managing overtime and call out rates, sending a message to administration when these are completed.

We’ve designed and built an application for a local council to track their external assets and help maintain their condition.

We’ve designed and built an asset tracking solution for a client where the assets need to be checked out and in.

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