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Keynote Speaking Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for your event?

Tracy Pound, Founder and MD of Maximity Limited is an established international speaker and
tech trainer. With a passion for encouraging diversity in tech, Tracy has a career spanning more
than 35 years in an industry where female leaders are rare. As well as speaking at schools, to
apprentices and business groups, sharing her journey from programmer to business owner, she
is also a board director of one of the world’s largest tech trade associations. Tracy is a regular
podcast guest and keynote speaker at many tech events talking about technology topics such
as emerging technologies, how to sell tech and industry trends.

She’s part of Inspiring the Future, a member of CompTIA’s education faculty, has founded and
run networking groups and travels around the world to speak at events. In addition to being
named CompTIA’s Member of the Year in 2017, she was named PCR’s Woman of the Year in
2016 and one of the top women in insurance in 2018 co-owning insurance brokerage, Prizm
Solutions Ltd, alongside her husband Peter Robinson.


Simon Ireson, CompTIA Education Faculty speaker

Simon is a consultant, trainer and speaker with more than 30 years of experience in IT enjoying senior European roles for global FMCG organisations. During this time, he has led software development, systems implementation, IT outsourcing, business change, strategic programme oversight and has also enjoyed key roles in acquisition, consolidation and business recovery activities. Simon brings a significant breadth of experience. He has a real passion for exploiting technology in tackling the many issues that businesses face with a focus on achieving great outcomes.


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