Cyber Awareness

Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber Awareness Training

Because understanding the world of cyber crime and how to protect yourself and your business can be daunting at the best of times!

We can help educate your staff about what cyber crime is, and how to approach protecting information and systems. We’ve designed our course for any and all staff, plus we can work with your existing IT support staff to include information on how they help protect your systems too.

Also don’t forget to download a free Cyber Risk Exposure Calculator from our sister company Prizm Solutions to see where you could be at risk.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out how we could help you with your staff training and development needs.

Our cyber awareness course covers:-

• Why is cyber important (what it encompasses, how many attacks, banks view of cyber)
• What is cyber crime
• Why do people commit crime
• How you can protect yourself
• Defending your network
• Educating people
• Do’s and don’ts
• Social engineering
• Consequences – the introduction of GDPR and its impact on data security