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Online, on demand training courses have the advantage that you can access help exactly when you need it, day or night, week day or weekend, home, office or abroad. Our comprehensive catalogue of short, focused online tutorials will really help you get to grips with using your software.

Find the training you need in 3 clicks, be up and running in less than 3 minutes.

Prices start from just £60 for a single user, annual subscription, so it won’t break the bank but it may cause a reduction in stress and an increase in efficiency!

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MS PowerPoint


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This course is designed for anyone who has a little or no experience of PowerPoint and wants to use the product to create professional presentations.

  • Adding Pictures
  • Adding Tables
  • Changing The Structure of a Table
  • Comparing Documents
  • Creating a Style
  • Creating New Templates
  • Draw Table Tools
  • Emailing Documents
  • Formatting Pictures – Alignment
  • Formatting Pictures – Cropping and Reducing File Size
  • Formatting Pictures – Remove Background
  • Formatting Pictures Using Corrections, Effects and Styles
  • Formatting Pictures Using Sizing and Wrapping
  • Formatting SmartArt
  • Formulae
  • Mail Merge
  • Mail Merge – Field Codes
  • Mail Merge – Labels
  • Mail Merge – Preview and Complete
  • Mail Merge – Refining a Dataset
  • Modifying Styles
  • Page Numbers

MS PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint Advanced

MS PowerPoint


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This course is designed for anyone who has basic knowledge or has been on our introduction to PowerPoint course and needs to create all singing and dancing impressive presentations.

  • Adding Chart Elements
  • Adding Comments
  • Adding Notes
  • Adding Tables
  • Amending Tables
  • Arranging Items on a Slide
  • Backgrounds
  • Change how PowerPoint looks
  • Changing Cells
  • Changing Views
  • Chart Styles
  • Create a Video
  • Create Handouts
  • Creating Templates
  • Cropping Pictures
  • Drawing a Table
  • Formatting Tables
  • Headers and Footers
  • Inserting a Chart
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Inserting Screenshots
  • Linking Charts & Graphs
  • Packaging a Presentation for CD
  • Personalising a Chart
  • Preview your Slide Show
  • Printing your Presentation
  • Resizing Pictures
  • Slide Size
  • Symbols and Equations
  • Templates
  • Themes
  • Working Multiple Files

MS PowerPoint Advanced


MS PowerPoint


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Anyone who has a good understanding of PowerPoint. These online courses are designed for those who need to use advanced features for truly professional presentations.

  • Adding an Animation
  • Adding Audio
  • Adding Slide Transitions
  • Adding Video
  • Advanced Options
  • Animation Options
  • Changing your File Type
  • Custom Animations
  • Custom Slide Show
  • Editing Video
  • Error Check
  • Presenting Online to Others
  • Protecting a Presentation
  • Recording Timings
  • Rehearse Timings
  • Screen Recording
  • Sharing your Presentation via eMail
  • Slide Master
  • Transition Options