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S&B Electrical Systems Ltd.

S&B Electrical Systems Ltd is a national electrical contractor with over 25 years’ experience in delivering high profile construction projects throughout the UK. With the business continuing to grow, the administration and system requirements have increased, resulting in more complex tasks needing to be done as part of the day-today operation. Maximity has been working with the team at S&B Electrical Systems for many years, helping them with training, consultancy and project management, to keep staff up-to-date and systems working efficiently.

Maximity helped S&B Electrical with:

The Challenge

When S&B Electrical Systems needed to change its accounting system, the team asked Tracy Pound at Maximity to help project manage the change. Having identified the need to move from Pegasus Opera to Sage Accounts and Payroll, the team needed someone to manage the change, to ensure implementation of the new system was successful, and the switch-over of the systems was seamless.

The Solution

Being PRINCE 2 qualified, as well as having many years experience in systems project management, Tracy was able to plot out the project, ensure detailed communication with the team and suppliers, assess any potential risk and build in contingencies. She worked closely with the finance department at S&B Electrical Systems to understand what the team required, in order to set the project up correctly from the outset. Maximity also helped the client transfer its live in-progress data from Pegasus Opera into Sage and worked closely with S&B Electrical Systems’ accountant to open balances from the old system to the new system. 

Once the new Sage accounts system was running, Tracy helped set up the payroll side of the software. As S&B Electrical Systems utilises many self-employed electricians, Tracy was able to help the finance team automate some of the admin processes that ensure all the various contractors get paid. Tracy was able to create a link between the systems, so the timesheet data could be imported into Excel to calculate the individual contractor payments, then be transferred across to Sage to help with job costing. 

Tracy has also created written reports to show expenditure and profit per job, allowing the members of the team to have a complete financial overview at their fingertips of the status of every project the business is involved in. During this time, Tracy has trained the team at S&B Electrical Systems on various software platforms, including training on how to use Sage Accounts and Payroll when the system was first installed, as well as some Excel training to help the team export and analyse the information available. 

Business Benefits

Chris Blundell, Finance Director at S&B Electrical Systems can’t speak highly enough of Tracy and the team at Maximity. She says: “It’s been so reassuring having Maximity help us with all the changes we’ve needed to make as the business has grown. Tracy has helped us design and implement the most appropriate technical solutions for our business, helping us to work more effectively and efficiently. She takes time to understand our business objectives in order to suggest appropriate solutions and improvements, and explains everything so thoroughly so we can all help to decide the way forward and propose suggestions. 

“Although Tracy and the Maximity team have the ability to work at a very high strategic level, they are all very down-to-earth, friendly and helpful to deal with. Tracy will go above and beyond to help. Once we’d implemented Sage and were being trained on how to use the system, Tracy created a manual for us to follow, so we could remember everything we needed to do! It’s the little things like that which help make jobs easier, but that can also make a real difference between the success or failure of a project. Tracy understands how to get the people and the tech working together for the good of the company. “ 

Tracy Pound, Managing Director of Maximity says: “We’ve loved working with S&B Electrical Systems to help the team utilise technology effectively to help the business with further growth. Working with the business for so many years has enabled us to provide business improvement solutions. Whilst we’ve been able to help the company upgrade its digital infrastructure, we’ve also been able to suggest other improvements, and have been able to offer technical solutions to these business problems to help digitise and automate some of the processes to save time and money. Chris and the team at S&B Electrical Systems know we’re always on the end of the phone if they need any help or support.”

“Maximity has helped us design and
implement the most appropriate technical
solutions for our business, helping us to
work more effectively and efficiently.”

Chris Blundell, Finance Director

S&B Electrical Systems Ltd.

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