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Making Business Digital

Making Business Digital sounds very grand but essentially is the term applied to making sure you’re able to use the most appropriate technologies to help run your business, and that those technologies are set up correctly, people understand how to use them properly, and that they’re integrated as far as possible to reduce time wasting and duplication errors. Whether you’re working on your strategic plan, or want to address a specific technological issue within your business, it’s worth a chat with us to see if we can help.

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  • Consultancy Services
  • Data Services
  • PowerApps & PowerAutomate
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • IT Strategy


Our consultancy service provides impartial business advice to help you meet your business goals and objectives through the effective use of technology.

To start, we’ll discuss what you want to achieve, so that our advice aligns with your specific business objectives.

We can then help you evaluate all aspects of your current systems strategy, to identify where improvements could be made. You can decide whether you want us to review your entire business, or to look at individual aspects or departments.

Whatever areas of your business we’re reviewing, we’ll look at the whole process, from start to finish, from how you manage your prospecting and lead generation, your products and services provision processes, your finance and accounting needs and also your reporting and KPI performance.

As well as your digital systems, we’ll also look at any corresponding manual systems so we get the full picture, to give you the best advice possible.  Our aim is for you to achieve successful business change.

Data Services

Sometimes clients need our help to understand more about how their business is performing. They know they make money, but don’t always know which areas of the business are the most or least profitable. We help design and implement data analysis solutions that help our clients understand their data and turn it into information that tells a story.

If you don’t know which industry types, customers, products or services make you the most money, or which make the least, then it’s likely you’re having to make business decisions without access to real data.

We can help you understand what your stock profile looks like, and who’s most productive at service provision. We can analyse how much old stock you’re holding and what that is costing you. We can look at  your fixed and variable overheads. We can calculate what profit you make per employee.

The answers to all these questions sit in your business data. We can help you make sense of it, either by training you to do the data analysis yourself, or simply by just doing it for you. With our backgrounds in system design and programming, we have a wealth of experience to help you turn your data into useful, actionable information.

PowerApps & PowerAutomate

It can be difficult sometimes to find one fully integrated software solution for an entire business, covering all its different functions. You may have a system in place that you really like, that you’ve invested a lot of money in and don’t want to ditch because it works well, but you wish it could do something extra… 

That’s where Maximity can help. We work with clients to fill the gaps in their processes, whether it’s collecting data from staff who are working in the field, or capturing information from internal business processes. 

We use Microsoft PowerApps, a development tool that helps us write solutions to real world business problems, helping to digitise and automate those irritating little processes and tidy up information that can end up all over the place. 

PowerApps provides us with a simple and cost-effective way of bridging those gaps in automation.  When used with SharePoint and PowerAutomate, there is seamless, secure access to data with some clever functionality that allows links into different applications including email, images, approvals and Teams.

Project Management

The implementation of a new computer system is often more about the management of people, habits and attitudes than it is about the technical infrastructure. So many projects go wrong because the impact of change is underestimated and poorly communicated. 

Our role is to ensure that all those involved in implementing a new system understand the rules of the game. That means setting clear objectives, with milestones, that the team understands. It involves effective communication with everyone, not just those directly involved in the implementation.  Above all, it’s about managing things when they don’t go to plan. Which will happen! And it’s also about understanding the impact of anything that goes wrong, so the project plan can be revised and brought back on track. Or alternatively, that a new plan can be created to reflect the new reality. 

Good project managers can assess risk, discuss it, mitigate it and communicate it. By understanding what’s on track, and what has gone off course they can hold people to account.

Maximity has PRINCE2 qualified staff with project and programme management experience to help you get the best possible results from your implementation.

Change Management

Change management often follows project management.

Once a project has ‘gone live’ many suppliers and contractors tend to walk away thinking their job is done, and the customer thinks everything will magically work because the project team has been working on the configuration of it, and staff have had their training.

But, just because someone has had training doesn’t mean they understand a system.  There’s often a nervousness about using new system, plus a resistance to change. At Maximity, we address this (and more) with our change management programmes.

Years of experience has taught us that it’s only once a new system is in place that people really start to understand it.  It’s when they suddenly have to use the new system to process a refund, or deal with a part delivery, or look for a stock record that should have been transferred and somehow wasn’t.  This is when the real work begins.

How accompany manages this is make or break for the credibility of the system, as well as the people who were involved with its implementation. And that’s where we can help.

IT Strategy

A strategy is simply a planned way forward.  It’s not a long winded, never to see the light of day document because they don’t work. It’s not something that should cost the earth and still be wrong. A genuine strategy guides you and your business in a focused direction that supports what you are trying to achieve. We’re living in a highly digital world with new technologies emerging at a rate that far outstrips most businesses ability or desire to keep up. There’s a term in tech called the ‘hype cycle’ that describes the path for new technologies, starting with huge anticipation of what problems the technology could solve, followed by the realisation that the problems of getting it to market outweigh the potential benefits, to slowly building the technology to a point where it’s able to add value. This means that emerging technology takes a few years to come to market and it’s usually the risk takers that will adopt early on. But there comes a point where technologies achieve mass adoption, and if you are behind this curve you start to put your business at risk. 

An IT strategy will give you the clarity to know what technologies are best for your company. It will help you manage your expenditure and put you back in control of the systems that run your business and ultimately calculate your overall financial performance. 

Why does an IT strategy matter? 

1. Because it is often the difference between you and your competition. 

2. Because it can keep your business alive. 

3. Because it should enhance the way your business runs, including supporting your culture, communication and learning, as well as managing your day-to-day transactional data from emails to orders to invoicing to payments.

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