Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Maximity has been training and transforming businesses for 20+ years and we’ve got heaps of content that you’ll find useful in both digital transformation and digital training. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then try searching our website directly using the search field above. If you’re still stuck then navigate to contact and give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

Table of contents in Word

This week my tip is for anyone using Microsoft Word who needs a Table of Contents. I come across so many people who’ve tried to manually type these in. It’s a nigh on impossible task to get them looking right! Word will create them for you in less than 30 seconds…

Everyday Shortcuts

Keyboard short cuts can save you a lot of time – if you know how to use them! Here are 3 you may not know about that our clients have all found really useful when we’ve shown them.

What do you do with your Data?

Do you know how easy it is to turn data into meaningful business information that can help you make important business decisions? Many people are still using old fashioned text / table based reports that aren’t always good for showing the story what’s really going on in your business. All you need is Excel – have a look…

Working efficiently with Teams

Hands up if you find it a right royal pain trying to keep track of email conversations and your workload! It stresses me out not feeling on top of what I need to do, so I’ve found a way to get Teams to help me that I’d like to share with you.

Linking Sage & Excel

For anyone using sage50cloud software who struggles with reporting and would like to cut out re-keying data into spreadsheets, this is for you!

Microsoft Teams Collaboration

If you have Microsoft 365 and your working on a document that needs team input, then using document collaboration gets the job done so much faster than emailing it around. Less than 3 minutes of your time will save you hours.

New Functions in Excel

Do you use Excel?
In this brief 2 minute video I introduce you to the new Xlookup, Unique and Filter functions. They are game changers for your Excel spreadsheets. Easy to use and very powerful. Why not take a look.

Sort, Filter in Tables & Charts...

Taking small steps to do things differently soon adds up to being more efficient, and starts your path to making your business digital. #Excel has some great features to help you record and report data quickly and easily.

PowerPoint Outlines, Placeholders and Masters

The one where the cat made an appearance… and no it’s not a filter! If you put presentations together either for yourself or others, this could save you a lot of frustration!

Styles in Microsoft Word

I have a few pet hates when it comes to Word! Are you causing yourself problems and wasting time because you don’t know how to do these things? I’ll show you how to get rid of the blank page that prints at the end of your document, and how to tidy up the headings and text so documents and reports look professional.

Attendee List Microsoft Teams

In Teams you can download an attendees list, but to enable this involves a few technical steps. I thought it would be helpful to share how this is achieved.

Indents and Margins in Word

Today I’m in the wonderful world of Word! If you struggle to get numbered paragraphs, bullet points and ordinary paragraphs to line up, this video will remove the mystique! And save you a shed load of time. And frustration. …Saving the sanity of the #Word user one step at a time. Make your business digital!

Inserting Images in Word

Adding images to a Word document can be a source of immense stress if you’re not careful. But images can make a report or proposal look so much more professional. Have a look at how Word manages images and take a small step towards make your life a little easier!

Excel Dynamic Drop Downs

2 minutes on how to achieve dynamic drop downs in Excel using tables and named ranges. Simple and effective.

Microsoft Teams Approvals

What else can you speed up? Keeping on top of approvals can take a long time. A very long time! People forget to sign things off. They lose the paperwork. You forget you’ve asked someone to sign something off because it’s taken so long. #Teams has an Approvals app that can take a lot of the headache away. Have a look and give yourself the gift of knowledge! Why waste time when it’s better spent doing something more important?

Holiday Booker - Teams App

We couldn’t see our holiday usage, so we built an app. In a very short time you can resolve business process gaps – use on your computer, on your phone or indeed tablet. A great simple solution for resolving any number of issues.

Microsoft Teams Folders

Have you ever struggled to save a file to a Teams channel because when you go to save it, you can’t actually find the right folder?! So annoying! Here’s a really quick way to guarantee you save documents in the right places every time, really easily.

Microsoft & Word Forms Design

Designing forms is a real art, and it’s not always easy to get them right. I know how frustrating it is trying to fill out forms like a new supplier form where the boxes are so small you can’t get your cursor in to check the box! Want to know how to do it properly? Take a look at this video where I compare Microsoft Forms and Word and show you how to create a proper checkbox.

Decimal tabs & autosum in Word

Microsoft Word is full of surprises! Did you know you can get it to autosum a column of numbers? And do you know how to align numbers properly? Have a look at this short video to find out just how easy it is, because I’m still on a mission to show you that tech is fun!

Excel Layouts

Just 2 minutes to show you how to layout your data in excel and why this saves you time and de-risks you getting your totals incorrect.

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