Scared of Excel? Have to use it anyway? Read on…

Spreadsheets?  Excel?  Eeeeek!

I sit here typing this blog as someone who previously said to all who mentioned the dreaded ‘Excel’ word that I was allergic to Excel and that numbers make me break out in a rash.  For anyone who experiences allergies, like me, you can understand that this is a pretty strong statement and I had no interest in changing my opinion.

Then, I started building a business as a virtual assistant (VA).  I love technology and so I offered out my services on many platforms.  While there was plenty of

work to do with digital marketing, CRM updates, presentations and Word files, there were also plenty of requests for help with Excel spreadsheets…ARGH!  I would take on the easiest tasks possible and fumble my way through, googling and YouTubing when I got stuck, but generally I passed on that work to other VAs.  I soon realised that many people use and need help with Excel files and unless I wanted to continue losing money or worrying that my work wasn’t up to scratch, I was going to have to do something about it.

Thankfully, I had been networking with Tracy Pound, the owner of Maximity, for some time and I knew that they helped people with Excel training.  Prior to approaching Tracy about training I had even signed up to a cheap online Excel course (don’t tell her) but then I quickly realised that online learning wasn’t for me.  I had no accountability and no personal contact so I’m not sure if I got past the first lesson!


I signed up to an Introduction to Excel course and it completely changed my attitude.  Imagine my surprise when Tracy told me that she hates maths too.  Say what?  I told her that I prefer logic.  Tracy agreed and told me that this is exactly how Excel works, on logic!  Sage does the maths for you, you just have to learn how to ask the right logical questions.  I completed the practical half-day course, under the tuition of Sue Green and have willingly used Excel ever since.  I still need help at times and I’m no expert but that’s the way we start with all things, isn’t it?

The funny thing is that since then I have joined the team at Maximity!  Apparently you can be forgiven for having a passion for technology with Excel as the exception (trust me, they’re working on it!)  However, I like to think that I represent the people that don’t like certain aspects of technology but still have to use it and needed the right approach to change my attitude and begin to learn, rather than avoid.


If this sounds like you, or someone in your team, then do give us a call.  We’ll be happy to help.  We also have our Introduction to Excel course running on Wednesday 10th January in Tamworth, so if you are struggling and are making plans to address your training needs for 2018 then get in touch or book on using this link!

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