This really annoyed me: The blindness of gender discrimination.

This afternoon I’ve been on a webinar run by a global software vendor to learn about their future developments.
Fairly innocuous you would think, except…
On screen – on the FIRST slide – was an avatar of a clerk and an MD. Guess which one was the woman and which was the man?
When are people going to realise that they have to wake up to their unconscious bias towards showing men in senior roles and women in lesser roles?
Gender balance in #tech industries is a topic that is close to my heart as a woman who’s been in #IT for 32 years. There are many, many stats that show how few women come into this profession in the first place, never mind how many progress to senior roles. Given the growth rates in the tech sector we need anyone who is capable and willing to, to think about a career in this area and we certainly don’t need to put them off!
We will not achieve gender balance unless everyone is conscious of, and sensitive to, the issues that exist and adopt different behaviours that effect change.
If you are honestly serious about changing stereo typical views of the roles that men and women are capable of achieving, PLEASE think about the subconscious bias you promote through the imagery you use as well as the words in front of your staff, customers, prospects, suppliers and in fact everyone you come into contact with.

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