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We Must Stop Hindering Women’s Technological Development

Posted on June 14, 2017

MaximITy’s Managing Director, Tracy Pound’s blog post for the HuffPost Tech United Kingdom

“Throughout history women have played a key role in innovating and developing technology. From Ada Lovelace publishing the first algorithm intended to be carried by the first modern computer, through to Margaret Hamilton overseeing the team tasked with developing flight software for NASA’s Apollo space mission, women have had a huge impact on how technology has shaped our world.

However, despite women’s influence in the sector, gender diversity is a persistent issue within the technology industry. In such a vast and growing area, women still take up a very limited amount of IT positions. Research by Deloitte found that only 18 percent of the IT workforce in the UK are women – this is a miniscule figure and does not reflect well on the industry as a whole.

An increasing number of technology roles are opening up, and we do not have the amount of trained staff available to fill them. This skills gap is even being noticed at government level. In the recent Digital Skills Crisis report, published by the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee, it was found that the digital skills gap is costing the UK economy £63 billion a year in lost GDP. Encouraging women into the sector should be a top priority to help fill these roles and bringing a wider set of skills to the industry…..”

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